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Inspirations and anniversaries

Then, a little inspiration stikes, and… The porcini works well with the Trevalla, and the tarragon works particularly well with everything. A slight modification of this dish, where the pork is the rib meat, the cream uses sour cream, and … Continue reading

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Hiatus back to simplicity

And sometimes you need a hiatus, to enjoy simplicity, executed well… Like infusing lamb burgers (ground Australian lamb shoulder has enough fat and flavour – no need for anything else!) over aromatic flames of Bay Laurel… Especially if they’re served … Continue reading

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The Brussels sprout

In 2014-2015 I conquered my last vegetable hurdle, the Brussels sprout. I can now say I enjoy eating every vegetable I know, provided it’s cooked appropriately. In the case of the Brussels sprout, “cooked appropriately” means cooking them in such … Continue reading

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“Paleo” Scotch Egg

Almond meal works surprisingly well as a flour dusting/batter substitute.

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MGM Dinner, January 2015

And if your sour chef-to-be happens to be essentially unavailable for cooking (even if available for dinner), reduce the number of diners, go a little more casual, and remain focussed on execution.

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GM Menu: Autumn 2014

In the throes of the autumn of 2014 (May), I came to the primary realisation that doing seven courses for nine people felt like significantly more time in the kitchen than I would prefer. The larger group of people also … Continue reading

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Christmas Menu 2013

Sour cream and cold crab. Perfect with Pierre Gaillard Saint Joseph 2011. The concept was to have this with fresh figs (and rosemary and honey icecream), but it was the week or two between regional fig seasons.

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Ode to MX

There is nothing like learning from those who have been steeped in a regional tradition. The real food of the people is indeed rustic (what ‘everyday’ food isn’t?). It’s open to invariable interpretation (the people in that village make it … Continue reading

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Spring GM Menu

Amuse for Sparkler Vegemite and cheese just works as a combo, although I think most diners believed the plain gougère were superior. Surf, Turf ‘n’ Garden Barramundi and bacon sandwiched together with transglutaminase (“meat glue”) and baked (slightly over-baked in … Continue reading

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‘The Sea’

Like so many dishes, this is at the concept phase of its evolution and I’m not sure it will make it any further – at least, if it does, it will seem like a completely different creature to its ancestry. … Continue reading

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