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The goat’s horn chilli pepper

The goat’s horn chilli pepper. They’re not particularly hot at 2000-5000 SHU, and they have great flavour.

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Easter/Autumn Menu

Autumn. There’s a chill in the air. One might imagine animals brought into the barnyard, the hot breath of Robins (Erithacus rubecula) in the crisp morning, hedgerow fruits, composting oak and birch leaves, undergrowth, game, red Burgundy… But Easter is … Continue reading

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Coffee: Finca La Fany

Finca La Fany, from the Silva family in El Salvador, are beans with a near cult following – and much loved by home/amateur roasters internationally. The beans are 100% Red Bourbon, and washed and honey processed (i.e., some sugary mucilage … Continue reading

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Australia Day Menu

Australia Day means lamb, not so much because Sam Kekovich tells (Anglo?) Aussies it does. More because, of all the readily available meats available in Australia, lamb is possibly the best. But before the lamb, a seafood starter. Every time … Continue reading

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Christmas Menu 2012

White truffle custard, mushroom ragu From the first time I made Thomas Keller’s white truffle custards I served them with a mushroom “ragu” rather than Keller’s black truffle “ragu” of veal stock base. I feel mushroom and truffle is a … Continue reading

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Coffee: Sumatran and Guatemalan

Guatemala Finca Santa Clara – a fully washed, air dried Bourbon Sumatran Mandheling Blue Batak – dry processed Sumatra (I believe) Both received a reasonably gentle roasting that coasted some way into second crack (by perhaps 30 to 60 seconds) … Continue reading

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Lavender icecream

Is the hiatus over? Hopefully. I remain proud of my “creation” of lavender icecream (actually, in the early days, I was experimenting with vanilla and lavender). I say creation because I’ve never heard of anyone ever making – though I … Continue reading

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Strawberries and cream

I’ve always preferred the flavour of fresh strawberry to cooked strawberry, but these strawberries tossed in butter, sugar and cracked black pepper, before being roasted to soft, were a delight. A particularly good use of firmer winter (Queensland) strawberries. Some … Continue reading

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Beetroot and goat cheese salad

Inter-layered soft ashed goat cheese and wafer-thin lemon-acid-accented fresh beetroot, thyme, walnuts. Old delicious themes never die.

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Szechuan and Sauternes

GrapeRadio have some interesting videos on YouTube, including some pretty nice cinematography in the The Scent of Black, a short film about Cahors. I found the video on Château Suduiraut (Part II) discussing the pairing of Sauternes with Szechuan cuisine … Continue reading

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