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Christmas Menu 2012

White truffle custard, mushroom ragu From the first time I made Thomas Keller’s white truffle custards I served them with a mushroom “ragu” rather than Keller’s black truffle “ragu” of veal stock base. I feel mushroom and truffle is a … Continue reading

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Duck, Cheese, Repeat Pear

New World Pinot Noir with duck, but which direction should the duck take? Try Asian… Duck BBQed duck: kaffir lime leaf wrapped BBQed duck breast. Rice: spiced (cinnamon, ginger) sushi/glutinous rice with lemon juice. Pear: poached in white wine, lemon … Continue reading

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Duck and figs

I had always been interested by Thomas Keller’s dish of five-spiced roasted lobster with Port-poached figs and duck foie gras. Finally having access to some fantastic figs, I thought to pair them with duck. The figs are oven-braised in Port-style … Continue reading

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