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The site is written and maintained in its entirety by Ben Rotter. It aims to share information concerning quality winemaking. The site began in 1998 and has continued to grow ever since. It is divided into the following sections:

The Articles are generally of a relatively technical nature and attempt to provide detailed and thorough information for winemakers of any kind. Most of the articles are the most thorough and detailed on their respective topics that the author is aware of on the web. Indeed, the Sulphur Dioxide article is probably the most thorough coverage of the topic anywhere in the world (inclusive of oenology text books).

The Calculations/Info section provides data, information and tables/formulas for various winemaking processes.

The Style Design section provides case studies that focus on particular winemaking approaches and techniques for both grape winemaking and non-grape winemaking (fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc).

Experience level: This site is not intended as an introduction to winemaking and it is assumed that the reader has a basic understanding of general winemaking practises.

Approach: The site embraces an artistic and thoroughly scientific approach to winemaking (in as far as is possible given equipment, information, etc). It is felt that this detailed approach is most conducive to process consistency, progress and wine quality.

Updates: Articles and research are continually underway towards better winemaking practises resulting in higher quality products. This site is constantly updated, amended and added to. See the Site Updates Page for updates.

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