The Amateur Winemakers of Ontario (AWO)
Various articles.

Home Winemakers Manual
Extensive information by Lum Eisenman.

Winemaking Home Page
Jack Keller specialising in non-grape winemaking.

Vancouver Amateur Winemakers articles
Links to numerous articles.

MLF info by suppliers Chr.Hansen
Detailed info on MLF from MLF supplier Chr. Hansen.

Institut Coopératif du Vin
Great technical info from the ICV.

Dr. Bruce Zoecklein, essays/articles
Bruce Zoecklein of the Dept. of Food Science & Technology, Virginia Tech., USA.

University of California at Davis
The UCD Viticulture and Enology website.

Winemaking Newsgroup

Fruit Winemaking Quarterly magazine

Paul Yates has provided a site with winemaking articles, polls, forums and chat.

Practical articles.

Monash Scientific
Tutorials in wine chemistry analysis.

Micro-oxygenation and related info.

Smalloak Wine Quality Consultants
Extensive links.

Wynboer Technical Articles
Extensive articles.

Vinovation Articles
Various articles.


Viticulture FAQ
By Ed Goist.

Kathryn Kennedy Winery
Some limited info.

Africus Rex
Jeff Chorniak's cool climate vineyard

Oliver Richardson's guide to English Vineyards website


The Real Cider and Perry Page
Andrew Lea's Cidermaking Page
Cider Space
Cider Digest FTP


Mead Made Complicated
Excellent site packed with technical info.

The Bee's Lees
Collected recipes.

Got Mead?
Basics, recipes, links.

About Mead
Basic and tasting notes.

Commercial Related

Australian Wine Online

English Wine and Vineyards

Artisans of wine - tasting notes
Great tasting notes - the way it should be.
The ultimate wine stockist search engine.

Wine Opinion

GrapeCrafter: The Wine Technology Blog
Thoughtful blog entry discussions of winemaking technology and related issues (Clark Smith of Vinovation).

Wine Crimes
Refreshingly pro-technology arguments and links to their opponents (Clark Smith of Vinovation).

Wine Anorak
Controversies and features by Jamie Goode.

Wine Fora

Tom Cannavan's
UK based forum.

Robin Garr's Wine Lovers Page
US based forum.

Mark Squires board at
US based forum with a more international clientele. Mixed quality of posts, but clearly possessing a sub-community of knowledgeable people.

AusWine Forum
Australian based forum.

Strat's Wine Forum

West Coast Wine Network (WCWN)

Wine Therapy