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Spring GM Menu

Amuse for Sparkler Vegemite and cheese just works as a combo, although I think most diners believed the plain gougère were superior. Surf, Turf ‘n’ Garden Barramundi and bacon sandwiched together with transglutaminase (“meat glue”) and baked (slightly over-baked in … Continue reading

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Slow cooked rib eye

If you haven’t tried cooking beef at low temperatures, you should. Calpains denature at about 40°C/105°F and cathepsins at about 50°C/122°F. Slow cooking for extended periods below these temperatures gets the enzymes working breaking down the muscle tissue to give … Continue reading

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Foams get a pretty bad rap these days. Yes, sometimes they can look like something that’s come out of an insect orifice (in which case they probably shouldn’t be on the plate)… but they do have their place. This one’s … Continue reading

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