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Easter/Autumn Menu

Autumn. There’s a chill in the air. One might imagine animals brought into the barnyard, the hot breath of Robins (Erithacus rubecula) in the crisp morning, hedgerow fruits, composting oak and birch leaves, undergrowth, game, red Burgundy… But Easter is … Continue reading

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May Dishes

Rainbow trout: baked en papillote with a little white wine, a treatment most suitable to trout IMO. Roast garlic cream: fish stock, roast garlic, cream. A simple but delicious combination, and paired well with the Tapanappa Tiers Chardonnay 2005. It … Continue reading

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Beef and Guinness pie

Puff pastry; mire poix, beef, spices, stock and at least two pints of Guinness. Then serve with a Belgian beer . Unflattering appearance, but delicious:

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Shin of beef

I became obsessed with braised shin of beef. It’s not very time consuming in terms of prep work, it just takes a while to cook. I find the best way to make it is the classic French way: Lightly dust … Continue reading

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MET Menu

Wine matching menu for M, E and T, February 2007. Apple soup, curried white chocolate foam I was playing around with different ideas for soup and came up with this. I think the combination of apple, curry and white chocolate … Continue reading

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Slow cooked rib eye

If you haven’t tried cooking beef at low temperatures, you should. Calpains denature at about 40°C/105°F and cathepsins at about 50°C/122°F. Slow cooking for extended periods below these temperatures gets the enzymes working breaking down the muscle tissue to give … Continue reading

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Wine matching dinner

The menu for a wine matching dinner with fellow wine geeks (February 2006) comprised: White truffle custard with mushroom ragout Based on the French Laundry’s, but with a mushroom ragout instead of their black truffle ragout. I like it this … Continue reading

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