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Fish: Flathead

So what to do when there’s not much flavour in the fish you’re working with? Add flavour: BBQ and spice! I am increasingly thinking this is an excellent treatment for warm water Australian fish with less flavour. (Flathead aren’t bad … Continue reading

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Australian seafood

I’m not particularly impressed by the saltwater fish of New South Wales, Australia. They so often seriously lack flavour (and somehow they don’t seem to shine with so many classical seafood combinations). It may be the warm waters. The cooler … Continue reading

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Bread: the quest for the perfect pain de campagne

The classic wood fired pain de campagne is so good you find yourself eating it before you even get it home. It seems near non-existant outside French speaking countries, as hard as many try to attain the same qualities in … Continue reading

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Fruit (non-grape) wines and Chinese foods

A friend had been sampling my 2006 Gooseberry wine and recommended it with foods (like spicy Asian) that don’t usually work so well with grape wines. He had tried the ’06 Gooseberry with a spicy but not hot Szechuan chicken … Continue reading

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BY Menu, 26 February 2008

I composed this menu for pesco vegetarians. Goat cheese and chive ravioli, tomato and basil vinaigrette A classic flavour combo that just works so well. The “vinaigrette” is more like a light tomato based sauce with sharp acidity. Celeriac soup, … Continue reading

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I am obsessed with pizza. I have made hundreds if not thousands, probably because the experimentation is endless…. just with the base: 51% water or upwards or downwards, thin base, thick base, sour dough base, wild fermented doughs, small % … Continue reading

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Chicken tikka masala

A classic British dish (note that it is not an Indian dish). Not having a tandoor, cooking directly over coals is the next best thing. Chicken marinated in plenty of spices, lemon juice and yoghurt. Naan here with plenty of … Continue reading

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Beef and Guinness pie

Puff pastry; mire poix, beef, spices, stock and at least two pints of Guinness. Then serve with a Belgian beer . Unflattering appearance, but delicious:

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I wasn’t so impressed with the dishes at Tetsuya’s Restaurant (Sydney, Australia), but one dish that did impress me was their trifle. I’d never been a fan until I had theirs – I always knew part of it was the … Continue reading

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HOF menu, 16 November 2007

Clam and mussel soup, curry drizzle Pleasant with the Riesling but, because of the cream, I would have preferred something other than a dry Riesling with this (Spatlese would be nice). Nevertheless, others feel (as here) that a dry Riesling … Continue reading

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