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A good bolognese starts with a good soffritto, and I’ve come to believe the classic use of milk is beneficial. I prefer a 100% durum wheat Italian semolina (non-egg) pasta, but making egg pasta is fun anyway…

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BY Menu, 26 February 2008

I composed this menu for pesco vegetarians. Goat cheese and chive ravioli, tomato and basil vinaigrette A classic flavour combo that just works so well. The “vinaigrette” is more like a light tomato based sauce with sharp acidity. Celeriac soup, … Continue reading

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Simple pasta

The great thing about pasta is that potential accompanying combos are endless…

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Egg yolk ravioli

Inspired by Aki Kamozawa and Alexander Talbot of Ideas In Food, I experimented with the idea of ravioli casings made out of egg yolk. It works pretty well; just need to compose a dish now…

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