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Christmas Menu 2013

Sour cream and cold crab. Perfect with Pierre Gaillard Saint Joseph 2011. The concept was to have this with fresh figs (and rosemary and honey icecream), but it was the week or two between regional fig seasons.

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Spring GM Menu

Amuse for Sparkler Vegemite and cheese just works as a combo, although I think most diners believed the plain gougère were superior. Surf, Turf ‘n’ Garden Barramundi and bacon sandwiched together with transglutaminase (“meat glue”) and baked (slightly over-baked in … Continue reading

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Lavender icecream

Is the hiatus over? Hopefully. I remain proud of my “creation” of lavender icecream (actually, in the early days, I was experimenting with vanilla and lavender). I say creation because I’ve never heard of anyone ever making – though I … Continue reading

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BY Menu, 26 February 2008

I composed this menu for pesco vegetarians. Goat cheese and chive ravioli, tomato and basil vinaigrette A classic flavour combo that just works so well. The “vinaigrette” is more like a light tomato based sauce with sharp acidity. Celeriac soup, … Continue reading

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Food and wine matching dinner, 2 November 2007

The wines: Weingut Wieninger Gruner Veltliner Nussberg 2006 A reasonably ripe nose of honeydew melon but with some greener (green mango) elements and minerality. The palate is a bit leafy, quite light, very fresh (actually the acid is maybe a … Continue reading

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Strawberry and vanilla knickerbocker glory

It is an underrated (British) classic, but I don’t like jelly in it myself. The syrup here consists of strawberry juice, sugar and Framboise liquer that’s been reduced down to high viscosity. The Framboise really adds a fantastic dimension. This … Continue reading

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Three desserts in one

I like the idea of presenting multiple desserts to the diner on one plate, especially for wine matching menus (for which this was designed). This dessert is designed to be eaten “left to right” and combines a few things I’d … Continue reading

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