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Spring GM Menu

Amuse for Sparkler Vegemite and cheese just works as a combo, although I think most diners believed the plain gougère were superior. Surf, Turf ‘n’ Garden Barramundi and bacon sandwiched together with transglutaminase (“meat glue”) and baked (slightly over-baked in … Continue reading

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Easter/Autumn Menu

Autumn. There’s a chill in the air. One might imagine animals brought into the barnyard, the hot breath of Robins (Erithacus rubecula) in the crisp morning, hedgerow fruits, composting oak and birch leaves, undergrowth, game, red Burgundy… But Easter is … Continue reading

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Easter Menu 2012

Salad of greens, fresh beetroot, green beans, walnuts, goat cheese Discussions with others following the prep for this dish led me to realise just how time consuming the preparation of a properly exectured salad can be. And how typically underrated … Continue reading

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March Menu 2012

Oyster risotto I was trying to think of a starter that was reasonably filling and could accompany Chablis… Arborio rice (naturally) stirred endlessly while vegetable and shellfish stocks and white wine are continually added and reduced. Then, for the last … Continue reading

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Classic chocolate

It’s been five years since this rendition, but the theme remains the same because the classic combination of chocolate, nuts, caramel/fudge just works so well. I hold rich desserts (in moderation) under my belt (pun intended ). A chocolate semifreddo … Continue reading

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Easter Menu

A hastily composed menu. Salmon and prawn wantons, prawn bisque Certainly not to the standard of this execution, but nevertheless enjoyable. This wonton filling was tighter, due to being blitzed. Unfortunately, I think the touch of added Australian cream let … Continue reading

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Microwave chocolate

How to set a chocolate mousse á point? The microwave is unfairly dismissed as a modern manipulation, yet it has its advantages.

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Three desserts in one

I like the idea of presenting multiple desserts to the diner on one plate, especially for wine matching menus (for which this was designed). This dessert is designed to be eaten “left to right” and combines a few things I’d … Continue reading

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Late night truffles

On the odd midnight, back in the glory days, making chocolate truffles or salted caramel fudge or perfecting toffee texture and flavour… was almost de rigueur.

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