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Christmas Menu 2013

Sour cream and cold crab. Perfect with Pierre Gaillard Saint Joseph 2011. The concept was to have this with fresh figs (and rosemary and honey icecream), but it was the week or two between regional fig seasons.

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Christmas Menu 2012

White truffle custard, mushroom ragu From the first time I made Thomas Keller’s white truffle custards I served them with a mushroom “ragu” rather than Keller’s black truffle “ragu” of veal stock base. I feel mushroom and truffle is a … Continue reading

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Beetroot and goat cheese salad

Inter-layered soft ashed goat cheese and wafer-thin lemon-acid-accented fresh beetroot, thyme, walnuts. Old delicious themes never die.

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Duck, Cheese, Repeat Pear

New World Pinot Noir with duck, but which direction should the duck take? Try Asian… Duck BBQed duck: kaffir lime leaf wrapped BBQed duck breast. Rice: spiced (cinnamon, ginger) sushi/glutinous rice with lemon juice. Pear: poached in white wine, lemon … Continue reading

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Crab salad

Crab meat, avocado, rocket/Cos, cucumber (not in photo) – all to fine dice/loose chiffonade – and a dressing of mayo, mustard and a light vinegar (like cider or rice wine), and some olive oil to maybe loosen it a little, … Continue reading

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Vietnamese-style BBQ pork kebabs

This is a dish for lovers of meat and greens. The “kebab” is pounded pork mince with soy sauce, fish sauce, lemongrass, garlic and chilli added. This is then wrapped in a lettuce leaf (I prefer something like oak leaf … Continue reading

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Prawn and mango salad

My version involves garlic-sauted prawn, rocket, spring onion, cucumber, coriander (cilantro) and a dressing of olive oil, soy sauce, maybe a touch of fish sauce, lime juice and sweet chili sauce.

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March 2006 menu

Haggis balls with whisky broth and neep powder It wasn’t Burns Night, of course, but reinterpreting (at least a little) a Scottish classic was fun. The balls were deep fried (of course, this is Scottish fare!), the swede dehydrated and … Continue reading

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Wine matching dinner

The menu for a wine matching dinner with fellow wine geeks (February 2006) comprised: White truffle custard with mushroom ragout Based on the French Laundry’s, but with a mushroom ragout instead of their black truffle ragout. I like it this … Continue reading

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