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Winter Menu

Miso, soy sauce, mirin marinated salmon. Slivers of potato and butter stacked, baked and compressed. This dish did NOT work with a Fromm Vineyard Pinot Noir 2004, but perhaps that’s not a total reflect on the pairing, since the wine … Continue reading

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Aussie Lamb

Australian beef doesn’t impress me at all: it just doesn’t have the depth of flavour. I used to think it must be the wide-spread short (or non existant) hanging time, but even Aussie beef that’s been hung for weeks doesn’t … Continue reading

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Fish: Pike

Aussie-Asian fusion continues to hold my interest, and I like to combine citrus with fish… Not bad with a Rias Baixas either.

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A good bolognese starts with a good soffritto, and I’ve come to believe the classic use of milk is beneficial. I prefer a 100% durum wheat Italian semolina (non-egg) pasta, but making egg pasta is fun anyway…

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Making the most of asparagus

Thinking like a chef who has to squeeze every last bit out of an ingredient to bring in the money has its advantages. The hard stemmy ends are souped and sauced back in spring…

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