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Seafood and root veg purées

Just playing around with some seafood and root veg. Scallops: pan fried Tasmanian. Purée: Cauliflower florets poached in milk and cream, then puréed and seasoned (white pepper, sea salt). Sherry-butter foam: PX and Manzanilla Sherries, chicken stock, butter, a little … Continue reading

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Aussie BBQing

Perhaps it’s just a result of my childhood, but the smell of burning native Australian woods (like eucalyptus) is transporting. Cherry, oak, mesquite, hickory… they’re all great, but Australian native woods offer something else, unique and distinctive. I find that … Continue reading

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Sorbet-making for nerds

The magic number for sugar concentration in sorbet is 37%. That concentration of sugar gives the right texture (niether too icey, nor too sticky-syrupy). When making a fruit juice sorbet, a hydrometer is an extremely helpful tool for obtaining the … Continue reading

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Duck, Cheese, Repeat Pear

New World Pinot Noir with duck, but which direction should the duck take? Try Asian… Duck BBQed duck: kaffir lime leaf wrapped BBQed duck breast. Rice: spiced (cinnamon, ginger) sushi/glutinous rice with lemon juice. Pear: poached in white wine, lemon … Continue reading

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