Inspirations and anniversaries

Then, a little inspiration stikes, and…

Blue-Eye Trevalla, porcini broth, kohlrabi and amaranth salad with mustard lemon dressing, dill, tarragon

The porcini works well with the Trevalla, and the tarragon works particularly well with everything.

Braised pork ribs, cauliflower cream, Port-poached prunes, orange zest

A slight modification of this dish, where the pork is the rib meat, the cream uses sour cream, and the prunes are poached in Port-style wine. I do like the rib meat with it.

Oak-smoked lamb, pickled cucumber, roast potato discs, griddled spring onion, oregano purée, red wine jus

Smoky, meaty, browned/Maillard, green, herbal never fails.

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