Duck, Cheese, Repeat Pear

New World Pinot Noir with duck, but which direction should the duck take? Try Asian…


BBQed duck, rice, pear, Indonesian jus, salad

BBQed duck: kaffir lime leaf wrapped BBQed duck breast.
Rice: spiced (cinnamon, ginger) sushi/glutinous rice with lemon juice.
Pear: poached in white wine, lemon juice, touch of star anise; fried off in butter, BBQed.
Indonesian jus: caramelised onion, duck stock, galangal, kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass, palm sugar, garlic, star anise; infused and reduced.
Salad: carrot, celery, green bean, sushi vinegar and mirin.

In a multi-course, in retrospect, I’d drop the salad and up the rice spice.

Matched single blind for me:
Lucy Margaux Jim’s Vineyard Pinot Noir 2010, Adelaide Hills, Australia
Farr Rising Pinot Noir 2009, Geelong, Australia

Composed cheese courses are heavenly. Croutons – with plenty of olive oil and salt and baked to achieve decent Maillard – with a Brie/Camembert style cheese.

Tasmanian Heritage Red Square, poached pear, crouton, spiced walnuts

Walnuts: roasted with sugar and cardamom.
Pear as above.
Tasmanian Heritage Red Square – a washed rind that clearly has significant Brevibacterium linens influence and benefits from it immensely. Most Australia Brie-style cheeses don’t include the bacterium, are naturally dominant in the creamy-lactic spectrum (probably due to the milk) and lack funky-ripeness. This cheese, when aged appropriately, is properly stinky.

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