‘The Sea’

Like so many dishes, this is at the concept phase of its evolution and I’m not sure it will make it any further – at least, if it does, it will seem like a completely different creature to its ancestry.

'The Sea': prawn noodle, nori, prawn cracker sand, poached oyster, oyster foam

These are Wylie Dufresne-style shrimp (prawn) noodles: ‘noodles’ made purely with puréed prawn and transglutaminase (‘meat glue’), extruded into a waterbath at 74°C.

The oyster foam is made with puréed oysters, a little milk and lecithin; and the oysters are poached in that ‘sauce’.

The concept is, I hope, self evident; and the dish certainly is evocative of the sea. But the ‘noodle’ needs more flavour, and the presentation needs more beach, it generally needs more… impact.

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