GM Menu: Autumn 2014

In the throes of the autumn of 2014 (May), I came to the primary realisation that doing seven courses for nine people felt like significantly more time in the kitchen than I would prefer.

The larger group of people also meant less opportunity to discuss the food (and wine) with guests, and I felt that presentation had been sacrificed slightly for required speed – nine plates take time to plate-up by only one person.

I suppose 9 people × 7 courses plus 1 amuse (or more accurately put, 23 or so components served to 9 people over 8 courses) is the point where assistance in the kitchen is required so that I don’t compromise on quality (as I’m dining too). For such an event, a fellow-dining ‘sous chef‘, to assist with plating, is probably the way to go.

However, I also realised that a smaller group (five or six diners rather than seven) remains my preference.

Smoked trout wearing choux

Pumpkin, blue cheese and walnut ravioli; crispy sage

Quail, smoked chestnuts, melted leeks, thyme

Chicken liver pâté, caramelised onions, toasted brioche

Pheasant roulade; onion, pistachio and pancetta stuffing; sauerkraut; game jus

Braised Chinese-style pork belly, Szechuan pepper toffee, apple and fennel salad

Cheese, poached pear, croutons, spiced almonds

Chocolate semifreddo, hazelnut fudge

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