Ode to MX

Genuine Greek: Fasolakia, Greek feta, Greek-style toast, Greek basil

There is nothing like learning from those who have been steeped in a regional tradition.

The real food of the people is indeed rustic (what ‘everyday’ food isn’t?). It’s open to invariable interpretation (the people in that village make it differently to the people in that village, and even the people in that family make it differently to the people in that family…). It’s traditional, delicious; and perhaps, ultimately, the most rewarding food of all – and that’s saying something!

: Onions fried in plenty of Greek extra virgin olive oil. Deseeded and deskinned fresh tomato and passata are then added, along with garlic and (taditionally) dill (although I use fennel fronds in the absence of the former). Boiled until the beans become tender.

: The ideal for me is a blend ewes and goats milk, with moderate saltiness, good acid-bite, a little creaminess, and a little flavour reminiscent of the belly fur of the goat!

Greek-style toast
: Toasted white bread (baguette/pain de campagne), spinkled with dried oregano and salt, and drizzled with Greek extra virgin olive oil (definitely use a Greek EVOO – it’s fruitier and richer tasting).

Greek basil
: Not traditional, but works surprisingly well with fasolakia.

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